A little bit about me and this site

About this site

Throughout my life, I figure that the memory is finite, and that some conclusions or ideas from the past are gone or are not remembered with the precision that I would like.

My advice is always I don't trust in my memory, and you shouldn't trust yours, so what comes next is write down or record your ideas, and I realised I wasn’t following my own advice.

This action has two fundamental pillars:

  • Save the idea with the original detail and perhaps expand the idea in the process
  • Do not load the brain with ideas that are not going to be executed soon. Cognitive overload exists, and it is not funny.

This is how the idea of this site was born, the idea of leaving something written that can be useful to whoever wants to read it, as well as to my future self.

I am very grateful for what the Internet has given us; each person who is King in their niche, these kings provide VERY valuable information to solve problems, publicly and without asking for anything in return; this has changed many lives.

It has changed me, this “I” would not exist without the Internet, as a self-taught person, I made excellent use of the information available, it gave me many things during my life…

… and as the new “King”, it seemed to me that it was time to create my own kingdom, also to give back in some way what helped me get here.


About me

I am a developer with more than 12 years of professional experience, specialised in Java.

I enjoy technology in any of its forms, I always have an open mind to learn new things inside and outside work. I enjoy exploring stuff from very different areas, as you can see if you take a look at the articles written here.

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